Eco Info 環保智識


Sustainable Ways to Handle Veggie Scraps

May 11 2022
When we're cooking, we may find our veggie scraps stacking up in the bin and wonder what we can d...

Composting in Hong Kong

April 12 2022
  Imagine 3,600 tonnes of food waste being thrown away daily in our landfills, where only 3.33% ...

Pre-Loved Guide: Where to donate / buy?

September 7 2021
By Green Warrior - Jackie I am proud of thrifting and purchasing secondhand. It’s a game of “what...

Is Your Sunscreen Reef Safe?

July 9 2021
Is your sunscreen reef safe? We know we should be using “reef safe” sunscreen☀️, but what does i...

Recycling Terms In Different Languages - Korean & Japanese Edition 不同語言的回收標記 - 日文和韓文

July 6 2021
More than often we find ourselves confused with foreign packaging while sorting out our recycling...

A Plastic Numbers Guide #1 to #7 - What do they mean?

June 24 2021
We always advocate refusing single use plastics ✋🏼, but sometimes they’re just impossible to avo...