Pre-Loved Guide: Where to donate / buy?

By Green Warrior - Jackie

I am proud of thrifting and purchasing secondhand. It’s a game of “what hidden gems can you find for free?”. Buying secondhand can save the environment, you would also be surprised on how much money you can save!

Growing up in such a wasteful culture all about convenience, it is so easy to “throw away” when we no longer want / need, and “buy a new ones” without thinking twice.

Instead of throwing and buying, why not donate and thrift? We all have items that are new & useable in the pile of junk, or worse being thrown away due to moving, or spring clean.

Why not get those pre-loved items and use them to their full potential, saving it from going to landfills with a lower price?


Here is a simple guide for good quality, secondhand stores & online platforms in Hong Kong for selling and buying. Make secondhand your first choice!




  1. 2ndChance offers pre-loved furnitures - if you also love antiques and vintage furnitures, 2nd chance provides you a high-end collection!

  2. Happy Shop repurpose and refurbish secondhand furnitures, giving them a new life in a creative way. To donate, you can bring in unwanted furnitures yourself, otherwise, Happy shop also offers to pick up furnitures for free, at your location. Please note that not all furnitures are accepted, please contact Happy Shop for more details. Visit their warehouse for renewed furnitures!

  3. Green Dot Home aims to promote a more sustainable lifestyle in Hong Kong by 4R - Renew, Restore, Revitalise, Recycle. They also offer to pick up furnitures for free, at your selected location.



  1. Redress is founded in 2007 and has been expanding since. You can find their collection boxes in retail stores like ZARA and Massimo Dutti - making it easier for the public to donate, and be part of the circular fashion economy. Simply drop off your donations in one of the partner locations to give those items a new life!
    You no longer need to wait for another Redress pop-up to shop with them, visit their new shop to get some quality pre-loved textiles whenever!

  2. Green Ladies / Green Little operated by St. Jame’s Settlement offers a consignment system, where consignor can get up to 30% of the selling price. See if you can find any high quality yet affordable clothings for yourself, and your little one!

  3. Salvation Army is a well known charity all over the world. With them, your donated goods are disinfected & distributed to homeless people, elders who live alone and others in need. Other than distributions, we can also purchase these donated goods at their charity shops, profits from the sales will help salvation army with community work.

  4. Retykle is an online platform that allows parents to trade childrenswear. Being the first of its kind in Asia, Retykle understands how expensive raising children can be, especially when they outgrow “seven sizes of clothing in the first two years of their lives”! With the help of Rtykle, parents can save the environment and their wallet by trading via Retykle, either to book for a free pick-up, or dropping clothes off at one of their partner locations around Hong Kong. *Both Live Zero Say Ying Pun & Sai Kung are a drop-off location!

  5. Hula is another luxury secondhand store in Hong Kong, they enable customers to purchase pre-loved designer clothings up to 95% off retail prices, all in new or hardly worn conditions! Located on the south side of hong kong island, HULA promotes sustainable fashion by letting members consign any unneeded items and be a part of the circular fashion economy.

  6. Look For Green by Jockey Club promotes secondhand on wheels, makes donating and thrifting more accessible! You can drop off recyclables as well as donations (clothes / electronics etc) onto the truck, hop on to see what you pre-loved items there are! Be sure to follow their service schedule for truck locations!

  7. Retrovert can be found online and in the busy Mong Kok. Founded by fashion lovers who aspire to introduce "Recycle, Reuse, Recreate" by providing experimental activities on Sustainable Fashion movement.

  1. Utopiawardrobe


  1. Rebooked is a non-profit social enterprise founded and managed by students in Hong Kong. They hope to extend the shelf life of a book by providing the option of a convenient eco-friendly platform for kids to reuse and enjoy literature. They also organise book reading sessions for kids and parents! Donate or take a secondhand book home for your kids to enjoy!

  2. JupYeah
  3. Facebook Marketplace is a great online platform if you are looking to sell or buy anything secondhand. Any Facebook user can make a listing on marketplace, set their own prices, communicate with buyers and set up a trade between themselves. It’s a great platform if you are moving, either to get rid of furniture, or to find hidden gems for your new place! If you’re looking to buy, make sure you set a price range - you will be surprised at what you can find within your budget!

  4. Carousell is an application used by many in Hong Kong, supported by both iOS and Android. Like facebook marketplace, it’s a platform that directly connects buyers to sellers, also allowing both parties to leave reviews after the trade so future traders can know more about them, making the trade a  more legitimate and comforting one.

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