About Us

Hong Kong’s First Zero Waste Bulk Store! Located on 33 High Street, Sai Ying Pun.


Live Zero provides a wide range of natural, and organic brands, free from packaging. From pantry staples like oats, flour, legumes, herbs & spices, to household, personal hygiene products like hair wash, body wash, laundry and multipurpose cleaning.


No matter where you are at with your green lifestyle, Live Zero are here to help and provide any information you might need!



香港首家零廢物裸賣店!位於西營盤高街 33 號。


Live Zero 提供多個天然、有機品牌,並以無包裝的形式出售。產品種類多元化,由你的廚房必需品包括:燕麥、麵粉、豆類、香料等,至個人衛生用品例如:洗頭水、沐浴露、洗衣液和多用途清潔劑等等。


無論你的綠色生活模式處於哪個階段, Live Zero 都能協助你,為你提供有需要的資訊!