Sustainable Ways to Handle Veggie Scraps

When we're cooking, we may find our veggie scraps stacking up in the bin and wonder what we can do to reduce food waste and maximise the use of leftover food scraps!

1. Make a delicious vegetable stock

Having vegetable stock at the ready is so handy when cooking—using stock instead of water elevates any dish! It will also save you money and a trip to the store to buy veggie stock.

Simply keep your cleaned veggie scraps in the fridge or freezer, and when you have collected enough, just throw it all into a pot and simmer away! 

You can use anything from veggie skins and peels to carrot tops and herb stems.


2. Regrow your vegetables 

So many vegetables can be regrown just by placing them in some water, most commonly spring onions which is such a common ingredient used in Hong Kong. Other vegetables include romaine lettuce, celery, carrot greens, beets, and turnips. You can even grow garlic snapes, lemongrass, and pretty much any herb!

Learn more about regrowing vegetables here.


3. Compost

Don’t have a composter at home? We have a food waste recycling bin located right outside our Sai Ying Pun shop! For our Sai Ying Pun neighbours who are interested, please click here.

Look into Eco Community Promotion Association Limited (ECPAL), a Hong Kong-based non-profit organisation that aims to work with different industries across the city to build a greener community and provide greener services. ECPAL’s community recycling bins stationed around the city are available for public use by simply filling out the form for your preferred location at a small monthly fee.

To learn more about composting in Hong Kong, follow this link!

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