DIY Citrus Peel Multi-Purpose Cleaner 自製多用途清潔劑

If you are a citrus lover, this trick will allow you to use the fruit to their fullest! 🍊

1)Collect a jar of citrus peel, any will do - mandarins, lemon, grapefruit etc, and fill up a jar with white vinegar, make sure the peels are covered. (Try to avoid metal lids, but reuse plastic or stainless steel lids.) Soak the peels for at least a week. If you are collecting the peels slowly, keep them refrigerated or frozen.


2)Once soaking is done, filter out the peels with a strainer or sieve - note that the liquid will be a little thick like honey. Don’t throw the peels away, you can compost them, or place them in your plant pots.


3)Dilute 1:1 with water for multipurpose cleaner, and transfer to a spray bottle. Use is as you would with any other multi-purpose cleaner. 💦


4)Spray on stove top and kitchen wall to get rid of grease, wipe down any surfaces at home to disinfect, even mop the floor with it!


The essential oils and acids from the citrus peels don’t just smell good, but are also filled with antiseptic and antibacterial properties, the best natural cleaner you can have, zero-waste & home-made!


如果你喜歡柑橘類,以下的方法能夠讓你用盡整個水果,零浪費 🍊




2)一旦浸泡完成,將柑橘皮篩走 - 留意液體會較稠身,像蜜糖一樣。不要丟掉柑橘皮,你可以用作堆肥,或者放置於盆栽內


3)加水以 1 1 稀釋成為多用途清潔劑,貯存於噴灑瓶子,依照其他多用途清潔劑同樣方式使用 💦




柑橘皮內的精油和酸不但香氣宜人,更充滿殺菌和抗菌功效 - 最天然的清潔劑,自製又零浪費

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