Green Paws Wood Cat Litter & Biofuel / 六斗環保木貓砂


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• The litter is processed and pelletized with no additives or glues and provides a natural wood scent keeping your cat's litter tray smelling clean and fresh.

• 100% organic which means no additives or impurities that could cause problems for your cat. And because the wood is biodegradable and renewable, it is a lot friendlier to the environment.

• Less dust than with traditional clay cat litter.

• The cheapest cat litter in the market.


How to use:

1. Fill the litter box with our GREEN PAWS’ NATURAL WOOD LITTER to a depth of around 3 inches. It is important not to over fill the litter box as the pellet expands when absorbing liquid.

2. Solid waste will clump wood pellets, while urine will get absorbed, fluffed and turn into sawdust.For sifting litter box: shake the sifter to filter the sawdust to the bottom part of the box. For sand litter box: shake the tray periodically to help the sawdust fall into the bottom of the tray

3. Disposal of wood litter can be used as a plant fertilizer, flushable or dispose in a trash bin. Refill the box with fresh GREEN PAWS’ NATURAL WOOD LITTER. Change the entire contents of the litter box about every 14 days, depending on number of cats and usage. Please note that composted wood pellet cat litter should never be used as fertilizer for vegetables or other edible plants, as the produce will not be safe for consumption due to parasites that may be present in your cat’s feces.


Alternative use:

Wood pellets can also be used for other small pets such as rodents, rabbits, ferrets, birds and guinea pigs. Wood pellet is also a good substitute for firewood, coal, oil and gas used in cooking. This is mainly used in furnaces.

Wood content:

Mangga, Acacia, Mahogany, Rambutan, Lansones, etc.Mostly Mangga, Acacia and Mahogany.


「Green Paws 六斗」是香港第一間,亦是唯一一間環保木貓砂工廠。