Vostizza Currants / 黑加侖子乾


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Vostizza Currants flavour is so special that they are a region protected species! Since 1993 the European Union certified Vostizza Currants as a product of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO No. 1549/98), which means they currants outside the desginated production area are not allowed to be called Vostizza. Only Currants grown and processed in the Aeghion region can be called Vostizza, once they are certified by the European Union. The conditions of the Aeghion mountain region and soil is what leads to the amazing sweetness and texture of the currants. Unlike most dry fruits, these currants have zero additives, no oil, sugar or any preservative. Eat this currants directly as a snack, or use in cakes, muffins, cereals. We love eating them with good quality cheese and cured meats too.

Cooking Notes

Flavour: Vine Fruit, Juicy Grape

Usage: Eat as a snack, use in cakes, muffins, cereal, oats, or in green salads. Eat with cheese and dry cured hams, or as a stuffing in main courses. Also works great in fruit salads

Technical Notes

Origin: Aeghion Mountains, Greece

Quality: P.D.O, Grade AAA