Vanilla Pods / 雲尼拿條


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Minimum order of 4 grams (~1 pod)

(price is per gram)

A pastry chef's dream vanilla bean. Our superior beans are 4 grams each, and carry two times as much vanilla as most ordinary beans! Because of this, they even have a great depth of flavour, which spans to orchids and berry notes. They can also be used more adventurously to flavour savoury dishes such as raviolis too.

Cooking Notes

Flavour: Acai, Orchids, Slight Spice

Usage: Slice the vanilla bean in half. Scrape out the pure vanilla using a spoon. Optional tip: Leave the used vanilla bean skin inside a sugar container to flavour your sugar with the vanilla flavour. Used vanilla bean skin can also be cooked in liquids for more flavour.

Technical Notes

Origin: Madagascar

Quality: Grade A, Extra Meaty