Thyme / 百里香


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Thyme is an essential herb in modern cooking, it's one of the common parts for a Bouquet Garni, and of Herbes de Provence, the most popular western herb blends in cooking. Fresh thyme has a shelf life of a mere few days and often cumbersome to use. By contrast, dried thyme can keep flavour for over a year when stored properly, and doesn't need the hassle of separating the leaves from the plant sprigs and twigs.

Cooking Notes

Flavour: Oregano, Bay Leaves, Thyme

Usage: Add a pinch of thyme for a rich herbal and minty flavour. Pairs great with venison, shepherd's pie, duck, eggs, cheese, leeks, berries, bread, beetroot, potato

Technical Notes

Origin: Turkey

Quality: Grade A, 2-3% Volatile Oil