Star Anise / 八角


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This exotic spice is often underused because the commonly sold form is too harsh. Our Star Anise flowers are sourced from their traditional location in Guangdong, and impart a lovely sweet and liquorice flavour to food. Use one flavour to flavour any liquids, or grind a small amount and use as any dry spice. Star Anise is highly versatile. We've seen it work great in cooking things from Tofu and Chicken, all the way to Desserts and in French Fine Dining.

Cooking Notes

Flavour: Liquorice, Fennel, Sweetness

Usage: Use whole to flavour broths, or powder and add a pinch to flavour stir fries and other dishes. Pairs great with seafood, dumplings, chicken, hotpots and stews.

Technical Notes

Origin: GuangDong, China

Quality: Grade A, Pure Grade