Soy Wax Golden Wax 464 / 天然大豆蠟464


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Soy Wax Golden Wax 464 / 天然大豆蠟464
Soy Wax Golden Wax 464 / 天然大豆蠟464

Minimum order of 200 grams (price is per gram)

An all-natural soy wax that holds lots of fragrance oil and helps reduce frosting.

Candle Making Notes:

  • Golden Brands 464 gives a smooth and creamy appearance due to its low melt point.
  • Holds lots of fragrance and throws fragrance very well.
  • Cleaner burn and paraffin wax.
  • Melt point: 46C - 48.3ºC
  • Recommended pour temp 51-56ºC
  • Max fragrance load: 12% (5 - 10% fragrance for optimal hot/cold throw)
  • This wax is intended for container candles. It is not suitable for pillar candles or melts (too soft).
  • This wax should not be used for topical applications. 


  1. Measure the volume of your desired container by filling it with water, the weight in gram is the amount of wax you’ll need for your candle.
  2. Calculate the percentage of fragrance, eg. 8% of a 200g candle: 16g essential oil + 184g wax. A lower percentage can be used if using fragrance oil instead of essential oil.
  3. Superglue your wick(s) onto the bottom of your container. Wrap the wick onto a chopstick or clothespin, or use a wick holder to keep it in place.
  4. Melt the wax to 85ºC using a double boiler then remove from heat.
  5. Add fragrance and/or dye, stir gently for 2 mins until fully incorporated.
  6. Allow the wax to cool to 51-56ºC, give it another stir and pour melted wax into your candle container.
  7. Leave candles overnight and trim wicks before burning.
    Pro tip: leave your candles to ‘cure’ for minimum 4 days up to 2 weeks for strongest scent throw. Use containers with lids to preserve the scent better.

Product of USA

This product is intended for external use only

Soy Wax Golden Wax 464 / 天然大豆蠟464
Soy Wax Golden Wax 464 / 天然大豆蠟464