Soapnut Berries 無患籽


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Minimum order of 200 grams (price is per gram)


Soapnuts are the most natural and cost effective alternative to laundry detergents. 

Shell of soapnut berry has a natural surfactant, called saponin. It is non-toxic, biodegradable, naturally hypoallergenic, and extremely gentle on skin, clothing and household surfaces.

Soapnuts have been used for cleaning by Asian and Native American societies for centuries.

Laundry: 6-8 berries in a tied cotton bag/old sock -> reusable for 4-6 times (you can compost the shell afterward and put new berries in)

Multipurpose cleaner: boil 10-20 berries in 1L water -> filter -> soap base for hair/dish/detergent