Paprika - Smoked / 煙燻甜椒粉


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Smoked Paprika is made from mild spanish bell peppers, and tastes earthy and sweet. Spanish smoked paprika is amongst the most famous in the world for it's captivating smoky aroma, and fruity pepper flavour profile. This paprika isn't spicy, but still carries a slight peppery aftertaste, characteristic of using natural, top quality peppers. Works great as a garnish for eggs, roasted potatoes, chicken, fish, paella, pizzas and in salad dressing.

Cooking Notes

Flavour: Smokey, Sweet, Pepper

Usage: Stir Paprika with some oil and cook into food. Or sprinkle onto cooked food to add a deep red colour. Great for stews, meats, fish, rice, salads, soups and eggs.

Technical Notes

Origin: Spain

Quality: Grade AA, Finely Ground