Silverette Nursing Cups


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Silverette® cups are a mama’s secret weapon for pain-free breastfeeding and pumping. The original 925 silver nursing cups designed and handmade in Italy, Silverette® are FDA-registered, and designed with your comfort in mind. Easy to use and made of high-quality, natural materials, you can feel confident that Silverette® cups are the safest choice for you and your baby. Your nipples feed the future – they deserve the best!

These cups are essential for anyone who wants to prevent or is experiencing issues with sore, cracked nursing nipples. Silverette® cups are easy and comfortable to use – and no additional creams or lotions are necessary.

The efficacy of Silverette® cups do not diminish over time, because of their pure 925 sterling silver composition, they work consistently over their entire life.

Silverette® cups are nickel-free, chemical-free, and hypoallergenic for most skin types, making them the safest choice for mama and baby.

How to use

Just place them directly over your nipples at the end of your pumping or breastfeeding session and feel your soreness melt away. Some mamas express a few drops of breast milk into each cup before applying them, but this isn’t required! Keep your Silverette® cups on as long as possible between feeding sessions and remove them when it’s time to nurse.


To maintain their natural shine and remove any residue, wash your Silverette® cups daily with warm water. You can also polish your Silverette® cups with a paste of baking soda and a small amount of water. Either way, be sure to dry your Silverette® cups thoroughly to avoid any staining or oxidization.


Regular size: Width 1.77", Height 0.63"

Important disclaimer

Silverette® Nursing Cups are 100% hand-made and may show slight imperfections on the surface. These are purely cosmetic and do NOT affect the effectiveness or safety of the product. Oxidation (tarnishing) can occur naturally in silver and does not affect the effectiveness or safety of the product. Please follow the directions on preventing and cleaning the possible tarnishing included with Silverette® Cups.