LZ Silicone Round Lunch Box

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LZ Silicone Round Lunch Box
LZ Silicone Round Lunch Box

Seal Cup Lunch Box Set is the complete suite of six leak-proof and plastic-free Seal Cup lunch containers. All of our metal lunchbox containers are made from steel and silicone and designed to nest and stack.

With so many sizes to choose from, you'll be able to pack pretty much any style of lunch you want - from extra-large portions of fluffy greens to medium-portion side dishes, little toppings and mini portions of toppings or dressings. Pack them neatly in one of our ocean-friendly lunch bags, a backpack, or a briefcase to make sure your food stays fresh and free from harmful chemicals.

All together, the total capacity of these uniquely non-toxic, dishwasher safe and 100% plastic-free food containers is 2360ml. See below to learn more about how much each container fits individually.


  • XL container measures: 
    - Diameter 14cm, Capacity 950ml, Tare Weight 180g
  • Large container measures:
    - Diameter 12cm, Capacity 680ml, Tare Weight 100g
  • Middle container measures:
    - Diameter 10cm, Capacity 400ml, Tare Weight 70g
  • Small container measures:
    - Diameter 8cm, Capacity 220ml, Tare Weight 50g
  • Mini container measures:
    - Diameter 6cm, Capacity 110ml, Tare Weight 30g
  • Tiny container measures:
    - Diameter 5cm, Capacity 50ml, Tare Weight 20g

Construction: Plastic, PVC, BPA and phthalate free
Country of Origin: Made responsibly in China
Additional Information: Dishwasher safe.

LZ Silicone Round Lunch Box
LZ Silicone Round Lunch Box