Rosemary / 迷迭香


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Rosemary has recently become a highly desired spice in modern cooking. Rosemary is native to the Mediterranean and Central Europe, and these are from Morocco. Here, Rosemary naturally grows to much longer length and bright yellow leaves with fuller flavour including orange and caraway notes, known in trade as Gold quality. It has many culinary and medicinal uses, and is most popular for cooking roast meats and stuffings. Our Rosemary is already removed from the branches, and is this much more convenient for use in cooking than fresh. In most cases, it also tastes better!

Cooking Notes

Flavour: Basil, Bitter, Orange, Caraway

Usage: Use near the start of cooking for best flavour. Pairs great with potatoes, lamb, chicken, turkey stuffings, eggs, potato chips, hash browns and in quiches.

Technical Notes

Origin: Morocco

Quality: Extra Long, Gold