Rose Buds, Dried (Organic) / 有機玫瑰花蕾


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Roses are more than mere flowers given on valentine's day and romantic occasions. Roses are very important in perfumery, cooking and baking crucial parts of many dishes. Rose Jam, Rose Water, Rose Tea and even Rose Rose scented soaps! All rose buds aren't created alike. We've explored Roses from China, France, Persi and many other cultivations to settle on the best Damascus roses. These are a lovely light pink, delicate, and bursting with aroma and flavour. One whiff and you know that you're holding the most exclusive rose buds in the world. Just 2-3 buds are enough for a serving of herbal tea.

Cooking Notes

Flavour: Sweet, Fruity, Lavender

Usage: Boil in water to release flavour and aromas and make the perfect Rosewater and rose herbal tea. Optional: Add in a little mint or verbena to match flavour profiles.

Technical Notes

Origin: Persia, Damascus

Quality: Light Pink, Jumbo, HPS