Pasta Natura Whole Buckwheat Fusilli Pasta 250g (Organic)


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Pasta Natura Organic No Sugar No Salt Whole Buckwheat Fusilli Pasta 250g

Cooking time: 6-7mins

PASTA NATURA's buckwheat flour pasta is your healthy choice to have a first course of excellent quality with a balanced nutritional value. Buckwheat is naturally gluten-free and therefore suitable for celiac people. PASTA NATURA's strength is in the flour: organic and farm-to-table, good pasta can only come out of excellent flour. The skillful processing that involves slow drying at low temperatures and bronze drawing does the rest.

PASTA NATURA's buckwheat flour pasta perfectly combines with any condiment. The bronze drawing makes it rough and porous, perfect to cling to the sauce. A good vegan recipe, able to satisfy both the palate and the view is composed by buckwheat sedanini, chards and sun-dried tomatoes. For those who love spicy tastes, they propose a condiment based on peas, saffron and chilli pepper. A delicious and easy recipe is the classic cream and bacon sauce, which immediately obtains a more innovative appearance with the taste and colour of buckwheat’s flour.