Parsley / 番茜


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Parsley / 番茜
Parsley / 番茜

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Parsley is a highly popular herb, used around the world in a range of cuisines to add rich herbal and cooling flavours. These Parsley comes from the mediterranean region in Egypt, it's natural habitat of centuries, and a fine producer of many herbs we use today. Here, Parsley tastes sweeter and richer than common herb varieties. Our parsley is also sun-dried for preserving the maximum flavour and aroma.

Cooking Notes

Flavour: Sweet, Bay leaf, Celery

Usage: Add a pinch of parsley at the start of cooking for best effect. Pairs great with root vegetables like potatoes, carrots, works well in salsa, stews, soups and for garnishing.

Technical Notes

Origin: Egypt

Quality: Grade A, Flakes, Sun-dried

Parsley / 番茜
Parsley / 番茜