Paprika - Non Smoked / 甜椒粉


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Paprika - Non Smoked / 甜椒粉
Paprika - Non Smoked / 甜椒粉

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Sweet Paprika is made from mild bell peppers, and tastes earthy and sweet. It has a mild chilli aroma, is known for it's signature deep colour. It's often used as a natural colourant in food, and adds a bright flavour to everything savoury from soups, meatballs and french fries to eggs, pasta and tagines.

Cooking Notes

Flavour: Sweet, Pepper

Usage: Stir Paprika with some oil and cook into food. Or sprinkle onto cooked food to add a deep red colour. Great for stews, meats, fish, rice, salads, soups and eggs.

Technical Notes

Origin: Shandong, China

Quality: Grade AA, Pure red

Paprika - Non Smoked / 甜椒粉
Paprika - Non Smoked / 甜椒粉