Turmeric Powder (Organic) / 有機薑黃粉


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Turmeric is often mistaken as The curry spice. In fact, while it provides a lot of the herbal notes in curry, it's best use is as a natural food dye throughout all Indian cooking. Many people also swear by it's medicinal properties, which have been brought to light in the scientific community last decade. These turmeric fingers are as pure as possible, where you can truly admire it for the exotic spice it is. Use freshly ground in small amounts for great effect. Also spelled: tumeric

Cooking Notes

Flavour: Bitter, Mustard, Ginger, Orange

Usage: Use to add the signature bright yellow colour, and an earthy gingery mouthfeel to curries. Commonly used for Indian, Malaysian and Thai food.

Technical Notes

Origin: South-West India

Quality: Saffron Grade, 3.5-4%+ Curcumin