Goji Berries / 杞子


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Goji Berries / 杞子
Goji Berries / 杞子

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Goji Berries are still a bit mystical to most people outside Asia, and even for a lot of non-asians living in Asia. Goji Berries, also known as wolfberries, have long been used in Asian cuisine for their nutritional properties. They are naturally very low in sugar, slightly bitter aftertaste, and carry complex berry notes at the same time. 

In recent years there are also numerous claimed health benefits, ranging from curing cholesterol to improving eyesight, to fighting cancer, although we believe a lot of these to be exaggerated and unproven.

Nonetheless, the goji is a fantastic ingredient for cooking. It can be added to soups and broths to impart a light sweetness. It can be put in granola bars, cereals, yoghurts and tea blends while still remaining healthy (most other berries are very high in sugars).

These Goji Berries hail from their traditional home in Tibet. These berries are larger size than average, and our trusted source also ensures they are free from added colourants which is an extremely common occurrence in goji.

Cooking Notes

Flavour: Bitter, Plums

Usage: Use as a topping for cereals, oatmeals, porridge and in trail mix. These goji berries are also delightfully sweet and a treat to eat by themselves as a yummy snack.

Technical Notes

Origin: Tibet, China

Quality: Whole, Large

Goji Berries / 杞子
Goji Berries / 杞子