Black Sesame Seeds (Raw) / 生黑芝麻


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Black Sesame Seeds (Raw) / 生黑芝麻
Black Sesame Seeds (Raw) / 生黑芝麻

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These black sesame seeds from India are a pure, matte black colour - 100% natural, and pure, no added colours. These are clean and free from adulteration, dirt, large stems like is commonly found in the markets. As they have not been hulled and still have their skins intact, these seeds are perfect for medicinal uses and cooking alike.

Cooking Notes

Flavour: Bitter, Almond

Usage: Sprinkle on as a garnish for various fish, chicken, salad and bread dishes. Or grind to use in cooking as a paste for a nutty flavour.

Technical Notes

Origin: Western India

Quality: Unhulled, Natural, Grade A


Black Sesame Seeds (Raw) / 生黑芝麻
Black Sesame Seeds (Raw) / 生黑芝麻