Yuet Wo - Organic Pure Rice Vinegar 500ml / 有機純米醋 - 500毫升


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悦和醬園 Yuet Wo - Made in Hong Kong

Traditionally brewed, our brewing method allows the nutrients in the rice to be broken down into molecules that are easily absorbed by the body. It is suitable for cooking or pickling, and can be diluted for drinking at your own preference.

Total acidity: ≥2%

Keep refrigerated after opening. Sedimentation or cloudiness from natural fermentation is normal.

Ingredients: Water, Organic Rice, Organic Sugar, Salt, Acetobacter

成分: 水、有機米、有機糖、鹽、醋母

Produced in a factory where soya beans, cereals containing gluten, sesame, peanuts, crustacean and their products are also handled.

Nutritional information
  Per 100g
Energy / kcal 22
Protein / g 0
Total fat / g 0
   of which Saturated fat / g 0
   of which Trans fat / g 0
Carbohydrates / g 0.4
   of which Sugars / g 0.4
   of which Dietary Fibre / g 0
Sodium / mg 160


Origin: Hong Kong

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