Fuji Apple Slices / 富士蘋果乾


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The best dried Apple Slices, soft, chewy, naturally sweet with no added sugar. These are made using fine Fuji Apples from northern China. Loved by chefs for the natural sweet bite, they make a great exciting topping for confectionary, and can also be snacked on whole.

Apple Rings Cooking Notes:

Flavour: Sweet, Apple

Usage: These Apple Rings are soft and chewy, like Candy! Chop and eat with cereals, add to breads and pastries, salads, add as a topping to ice cream or even just eat as a snack.

Cuisine: Spanish, Western, French, German

Food Pairings: Bread, Pastries, Salads, Ice Cream, Jam, Strawberries, Pie, Cake

Apple Rings Technical Notes:

Origin: North-East China

Quality: Grade AAA, No added sugar