OFoodin Leak-proof Snack Bag 點心袋 Plus


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OFoodin Leak-proof Snack Bag 點心袋 Plus
OFoodin Leak-proof Snack Bag 點心袋 Plus

🎊 Snack Bag Plus, a new product launched🎊
Upgrade and evolve! Thousands of bag friends made a wish!
There are always some troubles on the road to plastic reduction...
✕ The self-provided container is large and heavy
✕ There is no container that is convenient to carry around
✕Stainless Stainless Steel cannot be microwaved, plastic lunch boxes cannot be heated
✕ Use the plastic coating and plastic bag of the lunch box,
Worried about the release of plasticiser...

Lightweight design, ready to eat when turned over, eliminating the need for the devil felt design, opening it up and ready to eat
Easy to eat without tableware! It's easy for adults and children!

Easy to carry, easy to clean, easy to store, can be heated and frozen
OFoodin food bag makes plastic reduction easy too!

Upgraded leak-proof bottom and can be filled with liquid sauce

Material safety
Is the number one reason why we choose "Silicone"
When the oily soup is boiling
Grease temperature may exceed 120°C
And the "plastic" material
There are doubts about the dissolution of plasticizer at high temperature
So we choose "Silicone" material
As a food contact surface

"Silicone" itself is non-toxic and free of heavy metals
Free of bisphenol A and plasticizer
And the highest temperature resistance is 230°C
Acid and alkali resistance and high and low temperature resistance
It is an environmentally friendly and natural material

Silicone cloth patented technology
Zinc ion antibacterial technology added to the Silicone surface, not easy to mold
The structure of the good food bag is a single-layer design, which is easy to clean without any gaps.

OFoodin Leak-proof Snack Bag 點心袋 Plus
OFoodin Leak-proof Snack Bag 點心袋 Plus