Saffron / 番紅花絲


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Freshly flown in pure red Saffron strands from Persia. These strands are only the tip of the entire Saffron. We don't mix with any yellow or white parts of the strands, so that the absolute maximum flavour is available and sealed within specially for you. One look and you'll know this Saffron quality like no other you've tried before, and righly deserves it's place as the most expensive spice in the world. Bordering on the price of Gold! Don't buy prepowdered, as it's usually mixed with Turmeric, Paprika, or something else.
Saffron Technical Notes:
Origin: Persia
Quality: Sargol, Super Grade A, Pure Red
Saffron Cooking Notes:
Flavour: Complex Fig, Berries, Sweet
Usage: Add just 2-3 strands of Regency Saffron for rich colour and a deep fig, berry and savoury flavour. Perfect for Paella, curries, risotto, and Indian desserts.