Chilli (Tianjin) / 指天椒


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Tianjin Chillies are the ideal chillies for use in all kinds of barbeques and spice rubs. They pack a high level of heat, which gets brought out even more with intensely hot cooking methods. Start enjoying the high heat that Chinese cooks have been for centuries, or use in western cooking to experience a new excitement in barbeques that you didn't even know was possible!

Chilli (Tianjin) Technical Notes:

Origin: Hebei, China

Quality: Stemless, Grade A, Red

Chilli (Tianjin) Cooking Notes:

Flavour: Strong Spice, Pepper, Bay Leaves

Usage: Tianjin chillies are very high heat, and perfect for BBQs and stir fries. Traditionally fried directly in hot oil with vegetables and meats, then discard before eating.