Ivy Tree Raw Honey 鴨腳木樹原蜜 500g


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Ivy Tree Raw Honey, or commonly known as winter honey. It is originated from ivy trees, which is native to south china and is very common in the countrysides of Hong Kong

Ivy Tree is one of the native trees in Hong Kong, and only blossom from autumn to winter. Its honey taste contains a little bitterness, which is quite unique from other types of honey, its colour is dark but turn light yellow when crystalized. The skin of the Ivy Trees are used for a famous herbal drink(24tastes 廿四味) in Hong Kong.

Ivy Tree honey can help soothing sore throat, cough and common colds

Note: Do not feed raw honey to infant below one years old.

Store in a cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight. Raw honey may crystalize under room temperature. It is normal and do not affect the quality of our honey.


鴨腳木樹原蜜/鴨腳木蜜 (冬蜜) 500g

香港馬鞍山採收鴨腳木蜜。經香港標準及檢定中心(STC)和香港通用檢測認證 SGS,證實香港原蜜出產蜂蜜沒加工加熱、不摻糖、不含鈉、沒有抗生素,且不含農藥。

蜂蜜功效: 天然香港蜜糖抗菌性強,每天食用一蜜匙,有助: