Ginger Powder (Organic) / 有機薑粉


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In some instances, Dried Ginger is the only way to infuse Ginger into dishes. When dried and freshly powdered, this Ginger can easily be absorbed into dishes without leaving any physical traces. Alternatively, the dried form can also be used to flavour stocks and soups, then strained out later. As it's dried, the flavour is much more intense than the fresh counterparts, making convenience economical at the same time. These Ginger is Certified Organic unlike most Ginger on the market which commonly has added SO2 as well as grown with pesticides. Our ginger roots also have minimal fibres so that the spice melts more easily.

Cooking Notes

Flavour: Intense Spice, Citrus, Pepper, Sweet

Usage: Use as a replacement for fresh ginger. Dried ginger is about 4-5 times more intense in flavour, and can also be powdered in a blender/ginger. Great in baking!

Technical Notes

Origin: South India

Quality: Dehydrated, Natural