Golden Flaxseeds - Whole (Raw) / 亞麻籽


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Flax Seeds are one of the world's superfoods. They are an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids, contain ample amounts of dietary fibre, and are thought to possess many other health benefits as well. Research is constantly ongoing for this great seed. It's also very easy to get into your diet. Golden Flaxseeds are another variety of the flaxseed - very similar flavour and nutritional makeup, but texture is slightly stickier when ground up. Golden Flaxseed powder is perfect as a vegan ingredient substitute in pastries. You can also add some into your cereal each morning, blend into a smoothie, or mix as a superfood into yoghurts and salads. Also known as: alsi, alasi, flax seed, linseed, flex seed.

Cooking Notes

Flavour: Flax Oil

Usage: Gently toast seeds in a pan first if using whole, this releases all their flavour. Alternatively grind fresh in a blender or an electric grinder. Consume by mixing in cereal or with water.

Technical Notes

Origin: Canada

Quality: Raw, Selected