Sage / 鼠尾草


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Sage is not so well known in Asia, but extremely popular in America and Europe. Sage has very strong flavour, so a little goes a long way, especially when using these high quality sage leaves - far more potent than flakes. This sage is also great for making sage butter, and in bouquet garnis, as it's easy to remove and keep aside after cooking. In it's natural origin in Israel, Sage leaves grow much thicker and larger, developing higher volatile oil contents than most countries. Sage has been growing here in Central Europe since the middle ages. One large leaf is enough for making a delicious sage tea, with locals drink to have more peaceful sleep. To ensure the best natural flavour, Regency Sage is kept vacuum sealed until sale.

Sage Technical Notes:
Origin: Israel
Quality: On stem, Grade A

Sage Cooking Notes:
Flavour: Woody, Pepper, Slightly Bitter
Usage: Cook in any stock, broth, soup or butter, and remove before serving. Or grind and use as a seasoning for meats.