Lavender / 薰衣草


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Lavender is one of the prized edible flowers of the culinary world. This Turkish Lavender is lighter in colour, but carries a much stronger aroma. It goes great in salads, and can be used for baking scrumptious lavender cookies, cakes and jams. For savoury dishes, it also works much like rosemary, and you can add it to all dishes where rosemary would work too for it's own unique flavour. You can even steep some lavender in boiling water to make herbal lavender tea. It smells great, and is very relaxing. Some people also recommend it for soothing and aiding in sleep. No added colouring.

Flavour: Fruity, Bitter

Usage: Boil in water to enjoy as a Lavender tea. Or grind into a fine powder and use to flavour cookies, cakes and jams

Origin: Turkey