Denttab Toothpaste Tablets


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Denttab Toothpaste Tablets
Denttab Toothpaste Tablets

Minimum order of 100 grams (approx. 300 pcs)

(price is per gram)

Denttabs Mint toothpaste tabs for adults go beyond brushing: They polish your teeth until they're smooth, thanks to the high content of cellulose. Developed by dentists. Natural, sustainable, foam-free.

Vegan and Natural cosmetics certified
The toothpaste tabs and the packaging carry the recognized COSMOS Natural standard for certified natural cosmetics.

Smooth and white teeth
The toothpaste tab polishes your teeth to a high gloss due to cellulose. This gives them a unique shine, which you otherwise only have for a few days after a professional dental cleaning at the dentist. With smoother teeth, plaque is less prone to building up.

Healthy teeth
The water-free toothpaste tabs provide a proven unique fluoride effect in the mouth, which protects your teeth from decay in the long term.

How To:

Teeth brushing with Denttabs is a bit unusual at first, but otherwise very easy.

  1. You put 1 tab into your mouth and chew it, for example on your molars. Then you get a creamy consistency, not foamy. We deliberately use only a very gentle and natural surfactant.
  2. You moisten your toothbrush and brush your teeth as usual.
  3. spit out, rinse your mouth with water, done! How do your teeth feel now?
We recommend 1 tab in the morning and 1 tab in the evening. To slowly approach the foam-free brushing experience, you can also use 2 tabs in the morning and 2 tabs in the evening for brushing. Should you ever feel like having a fresh breath during the day, you can also chew a tab in between and rinse.

Ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, Sodium bicarbonate, Silica, Sodium lauroyl glutamate, Magnesium Stearate, Natural mint aroma, Menthol, Xanthan Gum, Stevioside, Citric Acid, Sodium fluoride (1450ppm)*, Eugenol.
*Fluoride-free option doesn't have sodium fluoride.
Denttab Toothpaste Tablets
Denttab Toothpaste Tablets