Curry Leaves 咖喱葉


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Curry Leaves are very similar to Thai Kaffir Lime Leaves. These Curry Leaves impart a lime-curry flavour and aroma to cooking. Best used in slow cooking, 5-10 leaves are enough to impart an authentic home-style cooking flavour.

Curry Leaves Cooking Notes:

Flavour: Basil, Citrus, Asafoetida, Sweetness

Cuisine: Indian, Thai

Food Pairings: Meat, Fish, Vegetable dishes, Curries, Soups

Serving size: 0.5 grams (5 leaves)

Usage: Gently fry whole Curry leaves in oil with other spices to release their flavour, and then use as a base for a curry or dal. You can also add powdered curry leaf the same way.

Curry Leaves Technical Notes:

Origin: South India

Quality: Grade A, Hand Selected

Industry Knowledge: The curry leaf is found almost throughout India up to an altitude of 1500 mtrs. It is much cultivated for its aromatic leaves. Curry Leaf contains 0.5 – 0.8% essential oil with a decrease as the leaves mature. In the essential oil, alpha and beta pinene and caryophyllene exist and these are also common in allspice, clove and cinnamon. has a strong smoky taste and flavor.

Also known as: Murraya koenigii, KARI PATTA, KADIPATHA, KARIBEVU, KARUVEPPILAI, LIMDA NO PAAN, नीम के पत्ते, 咖哩葉