Coconut Cream Powder (Organic) / 有機椰漿粉


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A deluxe substitute for coconut milk or coconut cream. Coconut cream is a vegan substitute for milk, use as a base for yoghurts, puddings, and in curries. Regency Coconut Cream Powder has a great fat content, mix with a ratio of 1:2 coconut cream powder:water for a luscious thick coconut cream, or mix with a 1:4 ratio for a delicious coconut milk. Our coconut cream powder is of Malaysian origin, which has a naturally higher sugar content and tastes naturally sweet. You may find you don't need to add sugar to desserts when adding this coconut powder.

Cooking Notes

Flavour: Coconut, Light, Sweet

Usage: Dilute with 50% water to make a thick coconut cream, or 75% water to make coconut milk.

Technical Notes

Origin: Malaysia / Vietnam

Quality: Medium Fat