Cloves / 丁香


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Cloves are one of the original ancient spices. Naturally, we know them inside out. These Cloves are freshly flown in from the Spice Islands in Zanzibar, or the Spice Islands in Indonesia each season, depending on which had the better climate. Each glows a gorgeous exotic red colour, and adds a flavour like no other cloves can dream to produce. Popular in many high-end and simple traditional cooking, cloves can be used almost anywhere to add lovely fruity, peppery and herbal flavours.

Cooking Notes

Flavour: Thyme, Pepper, Fruity, Citrus

Usage: Use a few cloves for a peppery, citrus flavour. Pairs with Tagines, sauces, curries, spiced desserts, soups stir fries, stews, poultry, beef, vegetable dishes

Technical Notes

Origin: Indonesia

Quality: A Grade, Red, Hps