Cinnamon Cassia - Powder (Raw) / 肉桂粉


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Pure Raw Cassia Cinnamon, freshly collected each season from the heart of China. This is the spice most popularly used to make Cinnamon Powder. Ours is the pure whole version, so you can trust the high quality product. Usually these raw cassia cinnamon barks are processed by cutting, shaving off the skin, and slicing into neat sticks. In it's raw form, the flavours are much stronger, just less pretty. If you're using it to make powder, this is certainly the superior product. You can also use small pieces to flavour stocks, soups and curries. Freshly ground it can be used in all manner of desserts and breads too.

Cooking Notes

Flavour: Sweetness, Spice

Usage: Powder and use to flavour baked desserts like cookies, cakes. Also works great in curries, pho, and other asian savoury dishes.

Technical Notes

Origin: The Pearl River, China

Quality: Grade A, Hand Selected