Chipotle Chilli Powder / 奇波雷煙燻辣椒粉


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Chipotle Chillies are one of the most famous chillies of the new world. After becoming super popular throughout america thanks to the eponymous Chipotle fast food chain, chipotle as a flavour profile is now also known throughout most of europe and asia. Chipotle Chillies are hot, smoky, with a sweet and tangy aftertaste, and thus a great choice of chilli for making dips, and flavouring stews, meats, and all kind of savoury food. It adds a good depth of flavour in addition to just plain old chilli-heat. We love this chilli for all kinds of south american food, be it Mexican, Peruvian or Argentinean. It also works great for most western cuisines thanks to the similar flavour notes.

Technical Notes:

Origin: Mexico 

Quality: Grade A, Sun Dried, Stemless
Cooking Notes:

Flavour: Spicy, Smoked, Berry

Usage: Chipotle Chillies are quite hot, use with a little bit of caution. Great when turned into flakes or powder to get the flavour fully absorbed into a sauce or dip.