Mild Chilli Powder / 辣椒粉


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Add a pinch of this chilli powder to add a lovely heat and aroma to your cooking. The freshly ground custom blend of chillies brings you a gorgeous red colour from top quality chillies at different heat levels. The blend of chillies come from India, Pakistan and China, so this chilli powder is extremely versatile and can complement dishes from all regions around the world.

Chilli Powder Cooking Notes

Cuisine: Indian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Spanish

Serving size: 0.5 grams

Directions for use: Add a quarter teaspoon of chilli powder towards the start of your cooking process for a warm, fragrant heat.

Recipes: Aloo Matar, Tandoori Paneer, Fresh Dates Chutney, Stir fried Spinach, Vegetable Gold Coins, Stuffed Okra, Green Soybeans Spice Soup

Chilli Powder Technical Notes

Quality: 100% Natural Grade A Chillies