Cayenne Pepper / 卡宴辣椒粉


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Cayenne Pepper  / 卡宴辣椒粉
Cayenne Pepper  / 卡宴辣椒粉

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Freshly flown in from India each season, our cayenne pepper is fiery hot, full of aroma and flavour. Cayenne is made from numerous chillies all around the world. We find the Indian Cayenne to be one of the best in terms of aroma and flavour. It's amazingly red in colour, and amazingly spicy. This Cayenne comes from a region in India known as Guntur, a region that could also be called chilli-town as it focusses almost exclusively on producing the best chillies in India. 

Cooking Notes

Flavour: Paprika, Pepper, Chilli

Usage: Add a pinch when cooking any dish for a strong, spicy flavour. Cayenne Pepper has a great red colour, and can also be used to brighten up Thai and Malaysian curries.

Technical Notes

Origin: India

Quality: Grade A, HL7

Cayenne Pepper  / 卡宴辣椒粉
Cayenne Pepper  / 卡宴辣椒粉