Cleaning Essentials Reusable Wet Wipes Container

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DIY Container for making Reusable Cleaning Wipes – 32oz glass jar has instructions to make your own zero-waste, non-toxic, safe & effective eco-conscious wet wipes using essential oils. 

  • 3 Recipes: All-Purpose, Gentle & Heavy Duty
  • Clean & disinfect naturally with powerful essential oils
  • Eliminate toxic chemicals & Stop throwing away disposable wipes.
  • Make your own non-toxic homemade cleaning products
  • Save money and the environment!

Introducing Cleaning Essentials’ reusable DIY wet wipes container! The durable glass jar features three recipes for gentle, all-purpose, and heavy-duty homemade cleaning wipes. These recipes are made with safe, non-toxic ingredients found in your home.

Reduce Waste by making your own DIY Wet Wipes

If you have reusable cloth wipes, use those, if not, take an old plain white cotton t-shirt and cut it up into 10-12 small squares. After you make the wipe solution, add the cloth squares and let them absorb the solution. After each use, simply ring out the wipes (or rinse in the sink if they’re really dirty) and toss into the laundry pile. You’ll be helping your family live with less chemicals, you’ll be saving the environment from the damaging effects of disposable wipes, and you’ll be saving money, too!