Happy & Merry Mart Laundry Powder / 洗衣粉


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Minimum order 1,000grams / 1kg

Pre-order may be necessary.


Baking soda, soap powder (soap made from coconut oil, olive oil, caster oil, orange peel derived eco-enzyme), Yellow threads (soap flakes, eco-enzyme), Blue pills (crystallised  blue butterfly pea extract)

Unscented. Suitable for people with sensitive skin and kids. Cloth diaper friendly. 

Instructions: 15g (1-2 tablespoon) for front loading washing machine. Adjust amount according to your machine type and load size.

Unfortunately due to high delivery costs, we may be unable to send large quantities to some locations (such as Discovery Bay, other Islands and New Territories). In some cases we may need to request for extra delivery fee or cancel your order due to high delivery costs. This is subject to Live Zero's discretion.