Wellfit Bath Brush


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Wellfit Bath Brush
Wellfit Bath Brush


The mix of soft horsehair and strong plant fibres tautens the skin, stabilises the circulation, strengthens the nervous system and stimulates the metabolism in a natural way.

Size: approx.

  • Size: 44.5 cm


  • steamed beechwood
  • horsehair/tampico fibre


Product Care

Re-treat with wood oil or wax at least once a month.

After each use, lightly tap against a surface and then dry it in an airy environment at room temperature, either hanging or standing the brush on its bristles to prevent the wood from swelling, splitting and/or mildewing.

If the brush comes into contact with cleaning agents, rinse them briefly under warm water after each use, or, add a little mild soap to a cup of vinegar and soak your brush in the liquid for about an hour, then rinse with warm water and hang/lay (bristles down) to dry.

Country of Origin: Denmark 

Wellfit Bath Brush
Wellfit Bath Brush