Vege Green Curry Paste / 素青咖哩


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Size: 180g

青咖哩醬以新鮮、天然材料製成,不含人造色素,為兼顧素食者需要,產品成分不 含蝦及魚露。建議菜色包括青咖哩椰醬炒菜、雞、豬頸肉、青咖哩湯粉、青咖哩意 大利飯等。醬汁重現泰國地道風味,方便又好用,居家必備!

Vege Green Curry Paste is created with fresh ingredients without any artificial food colorings. With vegetarians in mind, no shrimp or fish sauce is added to the curry. Recommended dishes: Coconut green curry with spring vegetables, chicken, grilled pork neck, green curry noodle bowls and green curry risotto. Adding the Curry Paste is the simplest way to turn the dishes into Thai cuisine. It is definitely a have must item in every kitchen!

成份:唐芹、青尖椒、檸檬葉、香茅、青指天椒、乾蔥頭、蒜、金不 換、南薑、青檸、芫茜子、大豆油、鹽 丶黃糖

Ingredients: Coriander, green chilis, lime leaves, lemongrass, green cayenne pepper chilis, shallot, garlic, Thai basil, galangal, lime, coriander seeds, soybean oil, salt, brown sugar

Origin: Hong Kong

Recipes 食譜:

Thai green curry 泰式雜菜青咖哩

Potato and garlic green curry soup 青咖哩大蒜湯