Sun Dried Tomato Pasta / 意大利蕃茄乾紅醬


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紅醬採用來自意大利、美國及本地番茄調配而成,呈現出不同甜度及酸度,豐富口 感層次,加上高溫處理,令茄紅素增加,提升營養價值。醬汁方便百搭,可配意粉 或Pizza等。

The sauce is elaborately produced from tomatoes grown in Italy, the U.S. and Hong Kong locally. Various levels of sweetness and acidity of tomatoes enhance the structure of the sauce. Processed at high temperature helps richen lycopene content and enhances the nutritional value of the sauce. The sauce is a best match with pasta and pizza, while it can be an all-purpose sauce!

成份:大豆油丶蕃茄、茄膏、蕃茄乾、洋蔥、腰果、蒜、甜椒粉、羅 勒、海鹽、黃糖

Ingredients: Soybean Oil丶 Tomato、Tomato Paste、Dried Tomato、Onion、 Cashew、Garlic、Paprika、Basil、Sea Salt、Brown Sugar