Smoky BBQ Sauce / 煙燻燒烤醬


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蜜兒獨家研製的醬料用料極其講究,首先將二澳蕃茄慢烘濃縮、鎖緊鮮味並打成醬 底,再加入經翻炒的焦香洋蔥、無添加紅糖、煙燻紅椒粉及鹽製作而成。紅糖的獨 有香味以及洋蔥的天然果甜,配上味道獨特、辛辣刺激的紅椒粉,令醬料香味濃厚 ,味道層次更豐富。

Mab series is particular about the gradients. The sauce base is concentrated from baked Yi O tomatoes. The aroma of the unrefined brown sugar, mixed with the natural sweetness of the fried onion and the unique taste of paprika powder, richen the taste of the sauce.

成份:二澳蕃茄、洋蔥丶蘋果醋、紅糖、喼汁、黃芥末醬、煙燻紅椒 粉、黑胡椒粉、蒜粉、煙燻粉丶鹽

Ingredients: Yi O tomato、Onion、Apple vinegar、Brown sugar、Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce、Yellow mustard、smoked paprika、Black pepper powder、Garlic powder、Smoked Powder, salt