Singaporean Laksa Spices Paste / 新加坡風味喇沙醬


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Size: 180g

成師傅特別取材於二澳農場種植的薑黃、香茅、蒜頭及紅椒等有機食材製成喇沙醬 ,加入蝦米及蝦膏後,以手工慢火熬煮而成。喇沙醬味道均勻,辣味持久而不嗆, 加上啖啖蝦香,層次香濃惹味。


Chef Sing specially selected organic ingredients including turmeric, citronella, and garlic from Yi O, mixed with dried sea shrimp and shrimp paste, and slowly simmered to create Singapore Laksa Spices Paste. The flavor of the paste is perfectly balanced; the spicy flavor is long-lasting but not too pungent. The paste is rich in both taste and texture with the scent of dried shrimp.

Laksa is an iconic dish in Singapore and Malaysia that originated from Nanyang. It was once selected as the seventh place among the world's top 50 cuisines by CNN's travel website.

成分:芥花籽油、蒜蓉、乾蔥頭蓉、二澳薑黃、二澳紅尖椒、二澳香 茅、大澳蝦米、蝦膏磚、指天椒粉、調味粉

Ingredients: Canola Oil, Minced Garlic, Minced Shallot, Yi O Turmeric, Yi O Red Chili, Yi O Lemon Grass, Tai O Dried Shrimp, Belachan Prawn Paste, Bird Eye Chili, Seasoning Powder

Origin: Hong Kong

Recipes 食譜:

Singaporean shrimp laksa 新加坡鮮蝦喇沙

Chicken spaghetti with laksa sauce 喇沙醬雞柳炒意粉