Orange Peel / 橙皮粒


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Freshly imported dried turkish orange peel granules, perfect for marinades, sauces, mulled wine, baking cakes, cookies and a whole lot more. Recently, owing to it's slightly bitter and sweet taste, with pleasant citrus aromas, this spice is also getting popular for use in brewing craft beers, gins and other small-batch liquors.


Orange Peel Granules Cooking Notes:

Cuisine: Middle Eastern, British, French

Food Pairings: Mulled Wine, Breads, Muffins, Muesli, Cornflakes, Chicken, Coffee, Tea, Gin, Beer

Serving size: 1 gram

Flavour: Orange, Bitters

Usage: Mix into cooking batter for pastries and breads, or with other marinading ingredients for savoury dishes.

Orange Peel Granules Technical Notes:

Origin: Turkey

Quality*: Medium Granules, Shine Grade A

Also known as Citrus sinensis, DRIED ORANGE, ORANGE GRANULES, 橙皮粒