Ground Nutmeg / 肉豆蔻粉


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Arguably one of the most well known spices by name, Nutmeg is one of the most flavourful spices in the world, and also one of the most expensive. Freshly grate and add to almost any food to impart a fragrant sweet and herbal flavour. This season our Nutmeg has been freshly flown in from India, and we find it best used for desserts, as well as almost all African and Indian cooking.

Cooking Notes

Flavour: Strong Camphor, Citrus, Pine, Sweetness

Usage: Grind and use to flavour all manner of desserts from ice creams to cookies. Nutmeg is also popular ingredient in curries, use with cloves, ginger & cardamom

Technical Notes

Origin: India

Quality: 100% 1st Selection, Large